Five venues for your chateau wedding in France

May 8, 2020

Chateau wedding venues near Paris


Getting married in Paris and looking for a perfect venue? Here are five locations for your chateau wedding in France that I love working at. They are all situated near Paris and have beautiful reception rooms and lovely exteriors (images are clickable)!


Chateau Bouffémont

wedding venue near paris castle near Paris

This pretty castle is situated within 30-40 minutes taxi drive from Paris. It offers beautifully renovated rooms for your immediate family and close friends, three interconnected reception rooms and a pretty lawn for your outdoor ceremony. Even though the official capacity is around 130 people, I would recommend this place for smaller groups of 50-60 people. Alternatively, you would need to place your guests in three different rooms, which never feels great for those who can’t see the couple.

Chateau de Villette

wedding venue near Paris Katerina Meyvial wedding planner

This 18th-century castle has a very elegant and feminine look and feel to it. The chateau de Villette offers an amazing backdrop for your outdoor receptions in style. It has a huge park, fountains and a swimming pool for your next day events. This chateau also provides accommodation for your guests to stay over.

Chateau Dangu

A splendid chateau with a rich history, Dangu will be a great choice for bigger groups of 80+ guests. This castle has multiple rooms to accommodate the big part of your guests for the night. It also has a splendid and spacious ballroom with access to the exterior.

Chateau Barthelemy

chateau barthelemy wedding venue near Paris Katerina Meyvial wedding planner in Paris

Another gorgeous wedding venue near Paris for big groups. Chateau Barthelemy offers splendid exterior with a lake, pretty kiosque that can host a ceremony, a swimming pool and a glasshouse for the dinner and party. You can also organise a 100% outdoor reception with the cocktail, dinner and the party being on the lawn in front of the castle. The place has 5 rooms in the chateau itself and various buildings transformed in dormitories on its territory. Amazing wedding venue for multiple-day celebrations.

Chateau de Chesnaie

chateau de chesnaie katerina meyvial wedding planner

Chateau de Chesnaie is located very close to Paris (20 minutes taxi ride). It has a pretty exteriors, rather spacious park for outdoor ceremonies and a very elegant ballroom in neutral colours. Chateau de Chesnaie is perfect for intimate celebrations with up to 70 guests. The place doesn’t have accommodation inside, thus is not suitable for multiple-day celebrations.


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