Chateau de Chantilly elopement

July 25, 2020

Chateau de Chantilly is an amazing location for a romantic and elegant wedding or intimate elopement in France. Located 40 minutes away from Paris, this chateau-museum doesn’t get the attention it deserves, this is why I’ve decided to plan a styled photoshoot there.


What to expect

Many couples that elope to Paris, dream about a ceremony and a photoshoot near the Eiffel tower. Yet, there are many other iconic locations to consider and chateau de Chantilly is one of them.

The castle is very beautiful and offers a stunning backdrop for your vows exchange ceremony.  I am sure you will also love a huge park created by the famous French landscape designer Le Notre, where you will discover amazing spots for taking photos.

Elegant fountains, artificial lakes surrounding the castle, majestic stairs and romantic kiosks – give yourself at least three hours to take all the photos you want!

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elopement chateau chantilly


Best spot for the vows exchange ceremony

The best spot for the vows exchange ceremony is located at the backside of the castle, in the small park. It is typically quiet, especially if you come on the weekday.

vows exchange ceremony chateau chantilly

chateau wedding france


Best time for your ceremony

As it is a museum, chateau de Chantilly is open from 10 am to 6 pm during the summer months, and it is better to come there in the morning. You will avoid crowds and will enjoy some privacy even if you don’t rent the entire domain. This option is only suitable for small elopements with no or very few guests, though.

The place is closed on Tuesdays.



If you plan to have your elopement in the chateau de Chantilly, it will cost 180€. It includes access to the park for the couple and photographer. Videographer or guests will need to purchase separate tickets (around 11€). You can only take pictures in the park and can’t have access to the chateau itself if you don’t book the venue.


organisation de shootings photo pour les professsionnels

chateau chantilly stairs

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Bear in mind that you can’t install any décor or chairs unless you rent the venue. Using drones is also strictly forbidden, unfortunately.

There are two 5-star hotels in the area, Hotel Montroyal de Chantilly and Auberge du Jeu de Paume for you to stay over. You can come the day before the celebration to enjoy the hotel’s SPA and restaurant, and to visit the museum. Arriving the night before will allow you to get ready in the hotel without being in a rush and without risking to ruin your hairstyle or makeup during your travel from Paris.

Both hotels are located near the chateau, but it is still essential to book a private vehicle to get you from the hotel to the chateau.


If you can’t imagine eloping to France without having wedding photos with the Eiffel tower, you can do two locations in one day. Chateau de Chantilly is located 40 minutes driving distance away from Paris, so you can easily start your day in the countryside and continue your celebration in Paris.


Weddings in chateau de Chantilly

Château de Chantilly also offers several reception areas for sophisticated and refined weddings. You can choose between one of the castle galleries and an independent pavilion called Maison de Sylvie.



The Gallery of the chateau will suit perfectly for intimate receptions with a regal flair. You and your guests will enjoy the reception with the view of fine artworks and ancient paintings. Chateau de Chantilly has one of the biggest collections of oil paintings in France.

Your ceremony can take place in the garden of the castle. If you decide to book the venue, you will be able to install chairs and decoration of your choice.


Maison de Sylvie

Maison de Sylvie is a romantic pavilion with a very elegant French décor, perfect for weddings with around 60-70 guests. It has a small garden in a typical French style for your vows exchange ceremony. The place is slightly remoted from the château that is open to general public during the day time, which gives you privacy and more flexible installation hours. The place is wonderful and is still quite unknown, so if you like secret locations, you will surely love it!


Ile d’Amour

Ile d’Amour is a stunning little island with a romantic kiosk that is typically used for vows exchange ceremonies. It is located in the Western side of the park, remotely from the chateau and Maison de Sylvie. It will hence be necessary to plan transportation to get your guests from the ceremony to the location of the main event. It could be golf cars or even carriages. The unforgettable chateau experience is guaranteed!


If you would like to plan your wedding or elopement in the chateau de Chantilly, please feel free to contact me!