Destination wedding venues in France

June 4, 2020

Choosing a venue for your destination wedding in France

When you are choosing a venue for your destination wedding in France, you should think logistics first. There are hundreds of beautiful wedding venues in France, and it is easy to get overwhelmed. Before you sign a contract with the place, evaluate how accessible it is for your international guests. If they have to take a plane, then a train, then rent a car to get to your wedding, then perhaps, this is not an ideal venue.

Selecting a remote location will require planning transportation and accommodation for your guests. Everything is possible, but you need to anticipate associated costs and logistics. If you host an intimate event, it might be easy to do. However, if you have a 100+ guests wedding, I would recommend choosing a more accessible venue.

Stick to regions that can be reached within one-hour car drive from the nearest airport or a big city. Paris, Nice, Bordeaux and Marseille should be your points of reference. Regions like Normandy, Britanny and Loire Valley are less accessible and will require extra travel effort. It is up to you to decide whether the beauty and comfort of their destination wedding venues are worth it.

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My favourite wedding venues in France (clickable names)

Venues that are located in bigger cities or close to them will give you and your guests more flexibility. First, you won’t need to book transportation, if the place is easily accessible by taxi. Chateau de Bouffemont near Paris, Domaine de Mont Leuze and château de Garibondy near Nice are good examples. It only takes 30-40 minutes taxi ride to reach these places from the nearest city. Second, it will be easier for your guests to plan their holiday if they don’t have to rent a private car.

If you are looking for a destination wedding venue for 100+ guests near Paris, then I recommend you chateau Dangu and chateau Barthélémy. These two castles offer elegant decor and beautiful outdoors for laid-back yet classy open-air receptions. For more intimate gatherings with around 50-60 guests, chateau de Chesnaie and Maison de Sylvie in Chantilly are amazing.

Some of these places are not used to working with an international clientele, so hiring local planner would save you tons of time.

If you want to have your wedding reception in the city, then you should have a look at Shangri La, Crillon and Hotel d’Evreux in Paris. These places offer stunning set-ups and high-end gastronomy experiences. In Southern France, Le Negresco is extremely popular. If you decide to book a hotel as your destination wedding venue, make sure you read your contract carefully. Often, hotels have restrictions with regards to noise levels, candles and external vendors that you will need to respect.


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