October 12, 2020

Before you can commit to hosting a destination wedding in Paris, it is essential to understand how much does a wedding in Paris can cost. Different websites give you a different estimate, and it can be difficult to have realistic expectations. Some quote as low as 10k€, others as high as 300k€ or more. So where is the truth?

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For those who love quick answers, I can recommend budgeting around 60k€ for a celebration with 100 guests.

This will include the venue rental fee, catering fees, photography, video, beauty services, transfer, decor and flowers, furniture rentals, Dj, sound and light equipment for your party, as well as planning services.

Side events like welcome drinks party and next-day brunch would cost between 3k€ and 7k€ per event, depending on the venue and the number of vendors you would need for this event (musicians, photographer, videographer, beauty artist, etc)

If you prefer to have a per person figures, I would recommend budgeting between 600€ and 1200€ per guest, knowing that the higher is your guest number, the lower is per person average.


If you prefer to have a per person figures, I would recommend budgeting between 600€ and 1200€ per guest, knowing that the higher is your guest number, the lower is per person average.


Below you will find more information on how much does different elements of your wedding in Paris can cost.

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Wedding venues

The most popular venues, like castles with on-site accommodation, would bill between 10k€ and 15k€ per event or weekend (depending on the venue rental policies). Some unique and one-of-a-kind locations like Château de Vaux le Vicomte or Château de Chantilly would bill around 40-50k€ (click here to find out more about Château de Chantilly). That being said, there are venues I work with that only bill 3-5k€ per event, and still offer beautiful aesthetics (but no accommodation though).

Some wedding venues, like Shangri-La or Hotel Le Marois, would only bill 3k€ to 6k€ for room rental but would request you to commit to their in-house catering, which would bring the total bill to around 35-40k€ based on 100 people.

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If you celebrate in a private venue where you are free to select your own catering company, I would typically budget around 200€ per person. That would include a cocktail hour, three-course dinner, drinks, and service. Luxury catering companies would bill between 250€ and 450€ per person.


Photography & video

Vendors I work with, bill between 3k€ and 5k€ for the wedding night. It is recommended to have a larger team of photographers and cameramen for events with 100 guests or more. I would also recommend hiring a photographer for the welcome event and the day-after brunch. Your memories are priceless!

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To me, wedding décor consists of flowers, furniture, tableware, and linens, this is why I will give you a global estimate, which to me is around 8k€ based on 100 people. This figure can be higher, depending on the trendiness of your floral designer and your furniture selection, but 8k-9k€ is a rather accurate estimation that will guarantee the aesthetics like on the images of this website.

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Djs in France bill their services between 3k and 5k€ (including the sound and light equipment).  To invite a truly amazing band, expect paying around 5k€, and to have live music during your ceremony, you should budget between 500€ and 1000€ depending on the number of musicians.

For something more extravagant, like dancers, disguised waiters, acrobats, or showmen, one should budget between 3k€ and 10k€.


Wedding planning fees

Starting from 8k€.


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