How will Covid19 impact 2021 weddings?

April 9, 2020



We are in early April 2020, and the majority of my US-based couples that were supposed to get married in summer/fall 2020, have decided to postpone their weddings to 2021. The virus has altered our plans for this year and I am sure, we will feel its effect in 2021 too. So how will covid19 impact 2021 weddings?

First, you will need to start planning earlier than usual. Normally, you would need 10 to 12, sometimes 15 months to plan a destination wedding in Paris. This delay is mostly due to venues availabilities. Imagine that 20% or even 30% of weddings that were supposed to take place in 2020 are postponed to 2021. The preparation season has not even started, but some dates are already gone!

The majority of venues try to postpone 2020 weddings to weekdays and low-season 2021 to save their cash-flows. The priority for weekend weddings is given to new clients. For vendors, that would often mean that they will need to cover several weddings non-stop.

Typically, I would sign the majority of my contracts between August and November for the weddings taking place the next year. In 2020, I would recommend couples securing their dates as early as April/May. The advantage is that with so many events postponed, wedding planners have time to do a venue search quickly so that you can book your venue asap.

Second, you might need to be flexible with your dates and accept a weekday wedding. It is better to have a Friday event in a beautiful location in July than having a weekend wedding in April.

The main issue couples will face in 2021 though will be their agendas. With many 2020 weddings being postponed to 2021, we will all suddenly have too many weddings to attend. You will need to make sure you don’t plane your wedding for the same weekend or period as your friends.

I am still quite uncertain about how Covid19 will impact prices. The events industry all over the world has been badly touched, many companies will not resist. Small business and individual entrepreneurs will need to be extremely creative and customer-oriented to fight the crisis. Those who will survive will become stronger and will improve overall industry standards.

I guess the luxury sector will resist better than others, as it often does. Venues that have been highly demanded will continue to attract couples, same as experienced vendors with strong brands.

Quarantine already starts being too long, and we are probably just in the middle of it. Whereas some freeze all their projects and travel plans until the situation improves, others can’t wait to party and travel.

If you feel that boredom of isolation needs to be outweighed by a splendid celebration in Paris, let’s connect! Feel free to contact me via this form to see how we can plan your destination wedding in Paris!