Modern luxury weddings in Paris

June 17, 2020

Hello! I am Katerina Meyvial, wedding planner in Paris. I work with couples from all over the world and I plan laid-back, modern luxury weddings in Paris and its surroundings. My couples have different backgrounds and origins, but they all love to party and to celebrate in a beautiful setting.


Creating unique experiences that are tailor-made to my couples’ envies and personalities is my passion, and I am proud to have a team of experienced and passionate vendors that accompany me in this mission. Weddings I plan are as unique, as my couples are, and I am happy to be able to share the best of Paris with my clients!


For me, modern luxury is not about labels and price tags, but about authenticity and creativity. It is about taking the time and enjoying moments with those who matter the most.


Modern luxury is not oppressing you with codes, norms and rules. On the contrary, it gives you the freedom to do things your way. And this also applies when it comes to weddings. Your celebration always reflects your personalities, values and style.

Modern luxury weddings I love and plan are beautiful, laid-back and party-oriented.  The quality entertainment is as important to me as beautiful aesthetics. I also emphasize waste reduction practices and reasonable consumption. Forget about ridiculously high wedding cakes that are impossible to cut or tons of fresh flowers that are frown the day after the wedding. Modern luxury is adequate, moderate and sometimes even discreet.

I work with vendors that adopt environmentally responsible practices, be it florist that uses local and seasonal flowers, catering companies that favour regional farmers and organic vegetables or champagne producers that cultivate their harvest respecting the soil. Environmental concern is a new common sense and I am happy to share these values with my vendors and suppliers.


No couple is like you, and there will be no celebration like yours. All weddings I work on are tailor-made, there are no one-size-fits-all packages, no mandatory vendors, and no limits to creativity and personalisation. Together, we can plan a black-tie event in a Parisian palace, romantic and laid-back celebration in a countryside castle or an intimate wedding reception on the private boat! Everything is possible!


Should you wish to book a free consultation to discuss your wedding plans with me, please feel free to contact me via this form. I hope to see you in Paris!

modern laidback luxury weddings in paris