Planning a multiple-day wedding in France

May 14, 2020

Destination weddings in France are often multiple-day celebrations. Typically, they would last three days and would include a welcome party, the wedding itself and the next-day brunch.  Entertaining your guests during these three days is crucial, and in this blog post, I will give you my tips and advice on how to plan an unforgettable multiple-day wedding in France.

Planning your welcome party in Paris

The choice of activities may or may not depend on your wedding venue. Let me explain. Imagine, you are getting married in a Parisian palace. You can, of course, have all your side events in the same place. It is very convenient, especially, if the majority of your guests are staying in the same hotel or palace. In that case, I would recommend changing decorations and ambience for every event, so that to keep surprising your guests. You might want to have a relaxed welcome reception with live music, a cocktail bar with signature cocktails and some ice-breaker entertainment. The craziest idea I’ve heard about consisted of inviting “fake” guests to the event. Professional actors, fake guests would entertain smaller groups of people, making people within them interacting with each other. That would help people that don’t know each other to create connexions for the next day celebration.

You can also ask your bridal party to connect people that don’t know each other.  Ask them to introduce couples or individual guests to each other, let them launch the conversation. Your guests will feel more relaxed and it will have a huge impact on the ambience during the main celebration.


If you want to have your welcome reception in a different venue, then booking a boat is a nice option. It can either navigate or remain anchored in a beautiful spot. It is a nice and romantic experience and your guests will appreciate having their private boat tour. For laid-back and fun welcome receptions, I’d recommend you OFF Seine. It is a boat that has been transformed into a hotel. The place has a small open-air pool between two decks, which is perfect for summer parties.

For those couples who love rooftops, I propose a small selection of secret locations that can be rented for standing cocktail receptions with 40 to 70 guests. These places are not always adapted for seated dinners but are perfect for a stylish welcome reception that will leave your guests wowed.

multiple day wedding in france



Planning your next-day event

When the main event takes place in one of the Parisian hotels, the next-day brunch often takes place in the same location. Typically, you wouldn’t invite everyone, rather just the closest friends and family members. Avoid changing locations as travelling, even for 15 minutes, is not something you want to do in the morning, after a great party the day before.

If you want to organise a group visit on the following day, you might enjoy visiting Chateau de Vaux le Vicomte or chateau de Versailles. I can also help you to organise day tours to Giverny, Loire Valley or Champagne area for unique cultural and wine tasting experiences.

Another great idea for your next-day event if you celebrate in the countryside is to have a relaxed garden party. Discover local French products and wines, enjoy the swimming pool if your venue has one, and continue the party till late at night if you feel like it. Set an all-white dress code, book your DJ for another day and continue celebrating with champagne and rosé open bar.



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