Best Venues For Your Elopement In Paris

November 2, 2020

Private venues for a perfect elopement in Paris


Looking to elope? Congratulations! Paris is one of the best cities in the world to elope in style!

Whether it is just two of you, or there is a small group of friends joining you, there are various venues in Paris that you will love having for your elopement! Here is the list of my favourite elopement venues in Paris!



elopement in Paris


Marignan Hotel

A pretty 5-star boutique hotel that has a stunning terrace where you can have a ceremony. Read more about celebrations in this hotel here.


marignan hotel elopement paris

Shangri La Hotel

A splendid palace that has many suites with amazing terraces that overlook the Eiffel Tower. Read more about weddings in Shangri La here.


shangri la elopement

Le Balzac Hotel

Another 5-star property located near Champs Elysées. It has a pretty suite that has a lovely balcony that can fit perfectly for an intimate ceremony for two.



Château de Villette

Who said you can’t have a château for your elopement? Have a stunning ceremony outdoors and get photos everyone will envy! Have a closer look at this venue here.


chateau de villette elopement



Château de Chantilly

It is a museum that is open to the general public, but you can easily find a quiet corner with an amazing view for your ceremony. Here you will find some images from this stunning domain.


best elopement venues paris


Saint Regis Hotel

I love Saint Regis for its location and its beautiful terrace from where you can enjoy the view of Parisian roofs and the Eiffel tower. My personal crush.


hotel saint regis elopement paris



Do you plan to elope to Paris? I can help! 


Elopements are great ways to celebrate in a stress-free environment. To ensure your day is perfect, and that you are living a unique moment, I will be happy to take care of all the planning and organisation related to your celebration! You deserve a perfect elopement, and here is what I can help you with :

  • Help you to select the best venue depending on your criteria
  • Plan your religious ceremony, if you want to have one
  • Filter vendors and help you to select the most talented and experienced ones
  • Design a unique setting for your celebration (décor, flowers, rentals, etc)
  • Prepare unique installations (sweet table, champagne station, floral arch, etc)
  • Plan logistics and transportation (deliveries, transfers, etc)
  • Get your outfits pressed
  • Coordinate your day
  • Celebrate your vows exchange ceremony
  • Recommend restaurants for your celebratory dinner
  • Help you to book your accommodation in Paris (nice deals included)
  • Advice on your honeymoon in France (regions, hotels, castles, experiences)


For more information, please contact me by mail at or via this contact form.