Celebrate in A French Chateau and Host A Castle Wedding

March 30, 2020


Different French castles that you can rent for your wedding


Having a chateau wedding in France is a unique party and lifestyle experience! If you are sensitive to history and if you love elegant open-air celebrations, then a castle wedding is what you need!


There are hundreds of castles near Paris where you can get married, and in this blog post, I will help you to understand how to make your choice.


I will also share with you the addresses of my favourite castles near Paris that are perfect for your wedding!


First, you need to know that there are two types of castles – private ones and those open to the general public. The difference is in the level of privacy and the prestige they offer.


chateau dhadricourt wedding



Private castles near Paris will generally provide accommodation and will be yours for the whole duration of the booking period, be it a day, a weekend, or a week. Weddings in private castles are often elegant, but relaxed celebrations. It is common to book the place for a weekend to enjoy a multiple-day celebration.


On the main day of the event, you can have dinner and a party indoors to enjoy the beautiful interior of the castle. A beautiful brunch can be organised outdoors the next day so that you can enjoy the park and the view of the chateau.



wedding in a french castle


If you are looking for a castle close to Paris for your wedding, have a look at the following properties :


château de Barthélémy

château de la Villette

château de Bouffemont 


These places are beautiful, well maintained, and have amazing facilities for both indoor and outdoor receptions.


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Castles that are open to the general public, are often rented by celebrities and (un)known billionaires from all over the world because they offer prestige and an exclusive image. These places are stunning but are quite complicated to work at (restricted hours, complicated logistics, restricted vendor list, etc). Besides, they require rather impressive budgets. 


If that sound like the right fit for you, then you will probably like one of these properties :


Château de Vaux le Vicomte

Château de Chantilly

Musée Rodin


chateau de vaux le vicomte wedding



Hosting your wedding there will require meticulous preparation and a very important budget, but even your VIP guests will be wowed.


As these castles are open to the public, your celebration can only start after the closing time (at around 6 pm). These places can’t welcome side events like a pre-wedding cocktail or next-day brunch, neither they propose accommodation.


Nevertheless, chateau-museums are irresistible for those couples who look for a truly regal experience. These places were created to impress and they still do it perfectly!


Walking down the steps leading from the Château de Vaux le Vicomte to its majestic gardens, having a seated dinner in a splendid ballroom, a wedding in Chateau de Vaux le Vicomte is worthy today’s royalty.


chateau wedding musee rodin


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