How To Host An Eco-Friendly Weddings In Paris

June 8, 2020

Environmentally friendly weddings


Today like never before, we want to consume consciously and to make informed choices about the products and services we purchase. Eco-friendly weddings were borderline in France only several years ago.  Yet today, couples are forcing companies to rethink their habits and practices. I can only rejoice in this shift that is nothing more than good old common sense.


Eco-friendly weddings in France

France has the reputation of a very environmentally concerned nation, and it is natural that entrepreneurs apply their personal beliefs to their businesses.


Quality catering companies in France were supporting local producers and farmers well before it became a marketing argument, for example. For successful catering companies, working with regional suppliers that grow their crops in a sustainable manner is the norm. Choosing vendors that are conscious about animal welfare – too.


Wedding menus are more and more veggie and fruit-inspired and vegetarian menu options are finally becoming delicious! Progressively, catering companies also ban the use of disposable plastic in favor of items in bamboo or another type of wood or carton.


A company that is truly committed to environmental responsibility would also encourage you to avoid unnecessary waste. Normally, they should also help you to plan carefully the amount of food you order. Some companies would go as far as producing their own compost.


environmentally friendly weddings in france


Responsible wedding vendors


You can expect the same attitude from wine and champagne producers and even from florists. Poeme, my favourite florist that I work with very often, only uses local French flowers. You can be sure that the floral compositions they would create for your wedding would only contain local flowers. In the summertime, they use flowers that are grown in the Parisian region, around 80 or 100 km away from your wedding venue.


For those who want to go even further, it is possible to decorate wedding tables with plants in pots or with fruits and berries that your guests can consume during the dinner. It is creative, avant-gardist, delicious, and eco-friendly!


You don’t have to feel guilty about using flowers in your décor, but you should know what flowers are you using. Tulips and peonies are amazing flowers, but you should perhaps use asters and roses instead if you are getting married in September.


Wine and champagne producers ban unnecessary pesticides and grow their grapes in the respect of the soil. Nomine-Renard, the champagne I recommend to my clients and friends, are increasing their environmental effort from year to year. They decide to produce less, but better.


Eco-friendly diamonds?

Even the jewelry industry reinvents itself and invests in laboratory-grown diamonds.

Did you know that you can grow a diamond in three weeks?

According to some studies, there is more gold on the surface of the planet than underneath it. No wonder some companies invest massively in recycling gold that can be found in our smartphones and other electronic devices.


For clients that need to cross the ocean to travel to their destination wedding in France, I recommend websites where it is possible to offset the carbon output of their journey. Offsetting a return journey to the USA for two will only cost 60€ or so.


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