A Guide For Elopements in Paris In 2021

April 24, 2020


Elopements during Covid


Covid19 has changed our lives dramatically and has ruined many of our plans. Weddings and honeymoons are postponed or canceled, holidays are messed-up, the morale is low and lockdown is annoying.


And when nothing goes as planned, why not change plans? Can’t get married on the day you wanted? Can’t invite everyone you wanted? Feel overwhelmed with all this replanning mess? And why not leave it all and go for an elopement in Paris instead? 


elopement in paris tour eiffel wedding


Eloping to Paris can be an amazing experience if orchestrated properly. But don’t think that because it is just two of you, you don’t need to plan it. I treat elopements as micro-weddings requiring all the attributes of a typical wedding, including a pretty venue, beautiful flowers, and elegant celebratory dinner.


When I plan my clients’ elopement in Paris, I often insist on getting a private venue for the ceremony. My favourite places are hotels that have suites with panoramic terraces like Shangri La. You first use the terrace for your ceremony. Then, during your photoshoot in Paris, I would reorganise the place for your intimate dinner. And, of course, it is yours for the night.


elopement in paris 2021



I would recommend having your ceremony during the weekday, one or two days after your arrival to Paris. Having a weekday celebration will guarantee vendors’ availability, who are likely to be working at weddings during the weekend. Hotels are also easier to book during the week.


In theory, you can plan your elopement in Paris in a month, but you might feel better if you plan it several months ahead. After all, it is enjoyable to choose a hotel, imagine the decor to create, decide which flowers to use, and you might want this moment to last a little bit.




elopement in paris



If you would like to elope to Paris in a romantic tête-à-tête, or with a small group of friends, I will be happy to help you to plan your celebration. Book your free consultation and let the magic begin!