Budget Planning Guide For An Elopement In Paris

November 5, 2020


How much does an elopement in Paris cost?


Elopements in Paris are very popular, and as it is the case with weddings, elopement price can vary dramatically depending on your expectations and vendors you work with.

You can find basic packages for as low as 1k€, or you can create a sur-mesure celebration for around 8k€ or more. There is no one, but you who decides how much and how would you like to spend your money.


elopement in paris budget


Elopement budget breakdown


Here is an approximate breakdown of your elopement expenses :

  • Venue – 1000 € – 2500 €
  • Photography – 1000 € – 3000 € (depending on the time spent and on photographer’s experience/trendiness)
  • Video – 1000 € – 3000 € (same as the above)
  • Decor & flowers – 150 € – 1500 € (from just a bridal bouquet and boutonière to a more complex installation)
  • Beauty – 350 € – 700 € (make-up and hairstyling, with or without trial)
  • Transport – 500 € – 1200 € (private car with a chauffeur for 5 hours approximately)
  • Officiant – 500 € – 900 €
  • Planning – 1000 € – 2000 €



Why invest more in your elopement?


Typically, couples decide to elope when they don’t want to deal with all the planning, etiquette, and drama that traditional weddings impose. Yet, even if you decide to celebrate your union in a simpler way, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be extraordinary and unique!


Investing more will allow you to create a memorable celebration, a unique experience that is perfect from A to Z. It is like choosing between a 2-star hotel near Gare du Nord and The Ritz. Both are in Paris, but your stay is not going to be the same.


wedding in paris cost



Here is what a bigger budget can allow you to do :


  • Having a private venue for your vows exchange ceremony

All the low-cost service providers will encourage you to wake up at 4 am to have your ceremony on a Trocadero square, or any other public place at 6 am in the morning when there are no tourists yet.


And while it will certainly allow you to bring home pretty images, it won’t create this magic that you are looking for when you book your flight to Paris. Having a private venue is essential and will allow you to have your ceremony at any time of the day, to have the décor of your choice, as well as live music, a table for two for your celebration, and most importantly, privacy.


elopement in paris planning



You can’t see it on Instagram, but early morning photo shoots are often accompanied by weird and not always sober people passing by and willing to participate in your ceremony with applause or obscenities, depending on their mood.


Often, photographers feel uncomfortable about their (and yours) bags too. You just don’t want to experience it, this is why I always recommend my couples to book a private venue. It could be a hotel, a castle, or even a boat. Have a look here at a list of venues where you can have your elopement ceremony.


same sex elopement paris



  • Having more experienced and more professional vendors

You don’t want to have your beauty artist being in the rush to leave, because she has another client 30 minutes after you. Neither you want to work with someone who has a poor professional culture, or who will make you feel uncomfortable for any reason.


You want to feel comfortable and safe; you want to rely on your vendors and you want them to be at your service on the day you have hired them, but also before and until the project is over and photos and videos are delivered.


elopement in paris price



  •  Having a gorgeous décor

Flowers, candles, special structures, beautiful tableware, all that can be a part of your celebration, even if it is a fete for two, and not for 100+ guests. You deserve a splendid decoration for your elopement!



  • Creating a unique experience

Your celebration is not over after the vows exchange ceremony or your photoshoot. You can continue with a celebratory dinner in a unique location (like a rooftop or a castle), a boat trip, a night in a private castle, or any other adventure.



elopement cost paris



Want to elope to Paris?

If you don’t feel like a big celebration and prefer having an intimate romantic getaway, eloping to Paris is a great choice!

I and my team are here to help you to create the celebration you deserve and to plan your perfect day in Paris.

If you would like to talk about your elopement in Paris and to see how I can help you, please feel free to contact me by email at hello@katerinameyvial.com or via the contact form.


I look forward to welcoming you in Paris!