french wedding series



#French Wedding Series

Interviews with wedding industry experts

We were visiting amazing locations (all of them can be rented for your wedding) and talking about what we love the most, weddings.

In these interviews (each lasts between 15 and 25 minutes) we explain our work, answer clients' questions, give our tips, explain what should you be looking for in your vendors' portfolio, and talk about current trends.

You will understand why some vendors charge premium prices, and what is you are actually paying for.

Want to discover AMAZING wedding venues in Paris and its region?

I will introduce the places that hosted our team while shooting these videos and explain why they might be adapted for your wedding.

Wedding Entertainment

Venue – Chateau de Villette 

Expert – Circus Music Band

Why wedding entertainment is so important?

What is the key to an amazing party?

How much does it cost to hire a great entertainment company?

How to choose the perfect entertainment company for your wedding?

Wedding Food

Venue - Chateau de Bouffemont

Expert - Julie Le Macon, Grand Chemin Traiteur

How does a typical French wedding dinner look like?

What are the most popular French dishes served at the wedding?

How long does a French dinner last?

What are current trends in the event food industry?

Wedding Videography

Venue - Hotel Le Marois

Expert - Tuan Nguyen

What a couple should be looking at when looking at a videographer's portfolio?

How to get a wedding film that stands out?

Should you hire one videographer, or do you need a team?

What questions you MUST ask your videographer before signing his contract?

Wedding Cakes

Venue - Chateau de Chantilly 

Expert - Synies Cake

What is the creative process of creating a wedding cake?

What are the details that will have a crucial impact on the cake that you will create?

Why even small wedding cakes can be so expensive?

How are cake degustations organised, and how a couple chooses flavors for their wedding cake?

What are current trends in wedding cake design?


to TUAN NGUYEN for joining me in this project and filming all the interviews.