Tips On Hiring A Destination Wedding Photographer

April 27, 2020

Sourcing your wedding vendors worldwide


Hiring vendors from different parts of the world for your destination wedding is not uncommon. I’ve already planned weddings in Paris and worked with overseas photographers, DJs, and beauty artists. When I got married in Provence in 2017, I have hired a destination wedding photographer too. After all, when you can chase a particular talent you love, why not doing so?



Stephanie Vegliante – destination wedding photographer


Today I’m sharing a post of one of my favourite wedding photographers in the US, Stephanie Vegliante. I love the elegant and romantic style of her photos and her sweet personality. Here is what she says about hiring a destination wedding photographer for your wedding.


How to go about hiring a destination wedding photographer and why I travel with my work

As an avid traveller as well as a seasoned wedding photographer, travel photography appeals to me in so many ways. Each year I travel to at least one country outside of the United States. I have been so thankful to take my work with me and build relationships with wedding professionals around the world. Having photographed in Paris, Ireland, Hong Kong and Greece, to name a few locations, I have honed my travel skills to make this feasible for couples looking to hire a foreign photographer.



It may seem daunting to hire a photographer from a different country. Yet, with modern technology and attainable travel options, you can hire your dream vendors from anywhere in the world.




In the past, I have offered some of my personal travel points towards travel fees to help offset the expenses. Airbnb provides countless options for accommodations while working within any budget. Even airlines such as Norwegian Airlines are now offering affordable flights. Previously, I booked a round-trip ticket from Boston, direct, to Paris for $250 to capture a stunning wedding.


These flights are not always the ideal option given baggage restrictions or flight time, however, they are very desirable for many wedding professionals.


Most times wedding photographers prefer to book their own travel and factor this into their pricing. If you are interested in working with a photographer from outside your country ask them about their travel fees. Do they charge for travel time as well as the travel fees, or do they only charge for the travel fees? Often times this can make or break a client’s budget.


Many couples feel secure with the idea of meeting their photographer prior to their wedding day. I have recently met with a couple living in New York who’s wedding will be taking place just outside of Paris at the Chateau d’Artigny.


It offered a sense of personalism and gave us the opportunity to get to know one another prior to their wedding weekend. This is an added luxury that many couples are unable to experience when booking a photographer abroad and often times this is an important aspect to a bride and groom when choosing someone to capture their love story.


Although it may seem challenging in the beginning, do not steer clear of foreign vendors. There are ample ways of making your dream wedding a reality whether you are planning to tie the knot in your hometown or abroad. As photographers, we are excited and more than willing to offer fair and reasonable travel options to our couples!


By Stephanie Vegliante, Boston-based destination wedding photographer.