How Much Does A Wedding In Paris Cost

October 12, 2020

Wedding venues

The most popular venues, like castles with on-site accommodation, would bill between 10k€ and 15k€ per event or weekend (depending on the venue rental policies).

Some unique and one-of-a-kind locations like Château de Vaux le Vicomte or Château de Chantilly would bill around 40-50k€ (click here to find out more about Château de Chantilly). That being said, there are venues I work with that only bill 4-7k€ per event, and still offer beautiful aesthetics (but no accommodation though).

Some wedding venues, like Shangri-La or Hotel Le Marois, would only bill 5k€ to 9k€ for room rental but would request you to commit to their in-house catering, which would bring the total bill to around 40-45k€ based on 100 people.

chateau wedding weekend in france

Catering & Drinks

If you celebrate in a private venue where you are free to select your own catering company, I would typically budget around 200€ per person.

That would include a cocktail hour, three-course dinner, wines, and service. Luxury catering companies would bill between 300€ and 500€ per person.

I always budget around 5k€ for signature cocktails that are served at a cocktail hour and during the party, and around 4k€ for tailor-made wine selection and champagnes.

wedding menu in france

Photography & video

Vendors I work with, bill between 3k€ and 7k€ for the wedding night, but there are profiles, often with a background in fashion, that bill around 15k€ and more.

It is recommended to have a larger team of photographers and cameramen for events with 100 guests or more. I would also recommend hiring a photographer for the welcome event and the day-after brunch. Your memories are priceless!

Decor & flowers

To me, wedding décor consists of flowers, furniture, tableware, and linens, this is why I will give you a global estimate, which to me is around 15k€ based on 100 people. Depending on a complexity of the venue, this figure can skyrocket due to complex logistics.

The more sophisticated your wedding design, the higher the figure will be, but as of 2023, 15k€ budget will allow you having a pretty wedding with a rather lovely florals.

Should you dream about Pinterest-worthy, jaw-dropping floral installations, add another 20k€.

Decor is probably the most complex element to budget, as everything will depend on your expectations. On average, my couples would spend around 12-24k€ on decor.

how much does a wedding in paris cost

Wedding Entertainment

A reasonably good Djs in France bill their services between 3k and 5k€ (including the sound and light equipment). To invite a truly amazing band, expect paying around 7-15k€ depending on the number of musicians. Inb order to have live music during your ceremony, you should budget between 700€ and 2000€.

For something more extravagant, like dancers, disguised waiters, acrobats, or showmen, one should budget between 2k€ and 10k€.

wedding planning vosts in paris

Wedding planning fees

Planning fees vary a lot depending on the complexity of the event (one, two or three-day event), guest count, and your involvement in the planning process.

The average rate of a good planner with five or more years of experience is around 8-12k€.

Need help with your wedding planning in France ?

Me and my team will be happy to help you to orchestrate your dream destination wedding in France!

Lavish party or intimate celebration, one-day event or a wedding weekend, whichever is the right format for you, we will be glad to create a beautiful celebration for you and your loved ones!