Wedding Entertainment

December 11, 2020

Wedding entertainment is KEY to a successful and truly memorable event. You can invest thousands of euros in beautiful florals, rent the most stunning property, but if you don’t get your wedding entertainment right, your celebration will not be perfect.


In the end, what you recall after attending a wedding, is how much fun did you have (or not).


Wedding entertainment must-haves


1 – DJ

There are three things you should NEVER save on, and an amazing Dj is one of them. (The other two are a great photographer and experienced wedding planner). Great Dj has a superpower to make your crowd dance! If you hire the wrong person, be sure that your guests will start leaving early.


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How to choose a good Dj for a wedding?


When choosing a Dj for a wedding, there are many things that you need to take into consideration. First, personality, of course. Do you share the same vibe? Do you feel comfortable with a person?  Will he be able to announce key moments of the night, or will he be out of his comfort zone doing it?


Second, his musical culture. When I cast new Djs, I always ask them which music they listen to. Not that it is important for me to know that we love the same music, but I appreciate seeing Djs that are musically curious. Do they spend time to discover new sounds, new trends, new remixes? Do they create music themselves? Are they aware of different musical styles, less mainstream? Will they be able to surprise you with new and great sounds?


Third,  what is the technical material they use? Is there a technical assistant in his team? Does their lighting look good, or like it is back from 80ies?  Does he have a beautiful Dj console or will he need to use a simple table covered with a tablecloth? Does he have cool accessories, like masks or LED glasses or helmet to transform his work into a real performance? Is he comfortable doing it?


Last, but not least, you need to be sure that the person is professional. Normally, you can realise after the first email you receive. Is it well-written? Is he polite and courteous? Does a person respond to your questions or sends you template responses? How does he look like when you meet? Is his contract well-structured? Does his website look professional?


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2 – Wedding bar


The bar at your wedding is not only a place where people get served drinks. It is also a place where they discover new flavours and tastes, enjoy the aesthetics of the beautiful glasses and accessories,  appreciate the talent of the bartenders. It is a place where conversations get started, and the mood is being created. Is it cool? Is it chic? Is it fun or is it sophisticated? Is it like you want it?


Don’t hesitate to invest extra in beautiful bar furniture and glassware, the aesthetics change immediately and your wedding gets a totally new look when details are well taken care of.


And of course, choose a professional team of bartenders, instead of using the services of your catering company. The difference is HUGE.


wedding cocktail bar france likidostyle


3 – Performers


There are different performers you can hire for your wedding. Musicians (band or saxophonist to play along with your Dj), dancers, acrobats (not to be the animation per se, but to emphasize the ambiance for your cocktail, for example), magicians, fancy-dressed waiters or hostess.


The goal here is to create the ambiance and set the mood of the celebration, and not to host a talent show. 


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Live music wedding entertainment – interview with Circus Music Band


I am a huge fan of great wedding entertainment, and to give you more information about how to plan it and how to integrate it into the wedding day, I’ve recently conducted an interview with Circus Music Band owner, Avi Amiel.


I hope you will enjoy watching this video, and that you will find it interesting and useful.




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