Organizing A Wedding At Hotel Le Marois In Paris

July 24, 2020

Hotel Le Marois Weddings


Hotel le Marois or France-Ameriques is a stunning wedding venue in Paris. Ideally situated right next to Champs Elysees, this splendid 19th-century townhouse offers you premium location, gorgeous décor and refined cuisine.


Those who appreciate historical novels will be pleased to find out that Hotel le Marois was erected on the site of the ancient townhouse of Marie Duplessis, a courtesan that inspired Alexandre Dumas fils his famous Lady of the camellias.


As of 1927, Hotel le Marois was chosen as a head office to the club France Ameriques, whose goal is to promote and strengthen relationships between France and the American continents.

The place is very prestigious and hosts VIP events, club meetings, fashion shows, and gala dinners for both French and international elite.


Weddings in hotel le Marois


Hotel le Marois hosts sophisticated, high-end events for both private and corporate clientele. The place is perfect for elegant, black-tie wedding receptions and for VIP gatherings. Its opulent décor with gilded moldings, marble fireplaces, and romantic mythological paintings on the ceiling will become a perfect backdrop for a lavish destination wedding.

Your guests will enter via a small court in front of the hotel that is often used as an outdoor lounge and smoking area.

Upon arrival, they will be impressed by a monumental staircase that can be richly decorated with candles and fresh flowers.

Place an elegant bar at the entrance, so that your invités could enjoy the glass of ice-cold champagne and discover the venue and its splendour slowly. Accompany the experience with gentle music and your guests will be immediately transported to another Epoque.


Once upstairs, you will discover four interconnected reception rooms of different sizes for hosting your ceremony, cocktail, dinner, and party.

france ameriques wedding venue paris


hotel le marois wedding

wedding in hotel le marois


The ideal guest count is between 70 and 80 people, as it will allow comfortable seating in the same ballroom. Hotel le Marois can host bigger groups too, but it will require placing guests into different interconnecting rooms. Although there are portals between rooms, it still creates a visual and hence emotional separation that I would recommend avoiding.


Advantages of getting married in hotel le Marois


Aesthetics, of course! Hotel le Marois has one of the most beautiful ballrooms in Paris. If you love historical venues and the opulence of 18th century inspired décor, hotel le Marois is one of the best wedding venues you will find in Paris.


As it is a private venue and not a hotel, you have more flexible conditions. For example, you don’t have any time restrictions when it comes to late-night parties. You are free to celebrate until early morning if you wish so.


You will be the sole client of the venue, as the place only welcomes one wedding per day, be it large or small. It can be confusing because of the word “hotel” in its title, but hotel le Marois is not a hotel, it is a private reception venue. The word “hotel” in French is also used to describe ancient townhouses of wealthy personalities of the past times.


luxury wedding venue in paris

luxury wedding venue in paris


Your celebratory wedding dinner at Hotel le Marois will be prepared by Butard Enescot, a luxury catering company that adds international touch to French classic dishes. Your guests will live a gastronomic experience worthy a palace.


There is no accommodation on-site, but there are numerous hotels located within walking distance or a short taxi drive. For getting ready, you can use the library, a very chic room available on-site. However, I would recommend getting your make-up and hair done at your hotel, where you will have all your belongings accessible and where you can stay in your morning gown.




As of 2020, the rental fee is 5 500 €, and menus are billed around 240 € per person. It is necessary to budget extra for security, hostess, open bar, and extra hours if there are any. I would budget around 30k€ based on 60 guests.


luxury wedding venue in paris



If you would like me to help to plan your wedding in the hotel le Marois, please send me a message via the contact form mentioning your desired date, approximate guest count, and budget.


Photo credit Cedric Klein.