A Complete Guide on Castle versus Hotel Wedding In Paris

March 30, 2020

Three types of wedding venues in Paris


You are looking for a perfect wedding venue in Paris or around? This article will help you to decide how to choose a perfect location for your wedding reception in the city of lights.


There are three types of venues that are the most popular among international couples. These are luxury hotels, private reception venues and castles. All these venues offer amazing aesthetics, but have different ambience and offer various advantages.


getting married in chateau de baronville france
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Let’s talk about luxury hotels first. My favourite hotels in Paris that have amazing ballrooms for a wedding celebration are Shangri La and Ritz.


Shangri La has a splendid, opulent décor that you will love in you appreciate the regal setting. Ritz’s ballrooms are very elegant and soberer, the ambience there is chic and classy. And they have a very lovely garden for outdoor ceremonies and cocktails.


The main advantage of having your wedding in a luxury hotel in Paris is that you get all-in-one service. The venue, catering, drinks, accommodation for you and your guest, everything is provided by the hotel.

It is an amazing solution for those who want a splendid black-tie wedding in Paris with easy logistics.


hotel wedding venue in paris
Westin Paris


Private event venues


Another type of wedding venue in Paris that I particularly appreciate are privately-run event venues like Maison France-Ameriques. It is a “hotel particulier” in central Paris that is dedicated to hosting all types of events.


These places offer you a stunning décor, in-house catering and prestige of having your wedding in a very private location that is inaccessible to the general public. There is no accommodation provided, but with a selection of hotels in palaces available in Paris, it is hardly a disadvantage. The ambience of weddings celebrated in private venues like that would be like in luxury hotels in Paris, chic and black-tie.


luxury wedding venue in paris



If your dream is to have a more laid-back celebration and a multiple-day party, then booking a private castle will be the best solution for you!


Located in the countryside near Paris, private castles offer the luxury of being chateau owner during the whole duration of the booking period be it a day, a weekend or a week.

Enjoy the elegance of reception rooms and the beauty of exteriors and mix indoor and outdoor parties.  Have a welcome cocktail in one of the chateau galleries and the day-after picnic in the garden.


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Private castles in France are often run by families and almost always offer a certain number of bedrooms for your immediate family.

For the rest of your guests, there are countryside bed & breakfasts, but it is always possible to organise a group or private transfer back to the city.


Renting a private castle for your wedding near Paris will allow you celebrating till early in the morning and will give you more flexibility in terms of entertainment, catering and décor. The ambience of a wedding organised in a French château will be more romantic and less formal, comparing to a celebration organised in a luxury hotel in Paris.


Looking for a wedding planner in Paris to help you to organise your celebration? Drop me a line, I will be happy to help!