Recommendations For Hosting A Wedding Weekend In France

May 14, 2020

Wedding weekends in France


Planning a wedding weekend in France? Then you can expect a 100% “YES” rsvp rate!


Indeed, a destination wedding in France sounds exciting enough, but if you throw a multiple-day party, it becomes literally impossible to refuse! And in order to meet your guests’ expectations, there are several things you need to be aware of!



Choosing a venue for your wedding weekend in France


Obviously, you will need to make sure that the venue you choose offers on-site accommodation. It is likely that only a part of your guests will be able to stay over on-site, as generally, there are 5 to 10 rooms available in castles. That being said, you can always reserve rooms in the hotels and b&b’s nearby.


Have a look at the list of venues with on-site accommodation here :

Castles with on-site accommodation near Paris


Another important criterion when choosing your wedding venue is catering. Is it in-house or can you bring a caterer of your choice? As you will need to provide meals over two or three days, it is crucial to make sure it is within your budget. If the venue restricts the catering choice, you have to make sure the company they work with can satisfy your needs not only for the wedding dinner, but also for a pre-wedding event, and the day-after brunch.


The advantage of planning a wedding weekend is that you can choose a remote location, that you would normally need to avoid if you were planning a one-night event. Even if your guests need to travel two or three hours from Paris, it is more acceptable to do so, when you attend a multiple-day event.


Make sure that there are things to do near the venue. Your guests will surely appreciate wine tastings or chateau tours that you can organise after the wedding. A swimming pool is also a must, in my opinion.


wedding weekend in france




Wedding weekend in Paris


You might want to decide to stay in Paris and have your wedding weekend here. In that case, you will need to book three different venues for your welcome dinner/party, for the wedding celebration, and next-day brunch. The advantage is that you don’t need to take care of accommodation, as there are many hotels for your guests to choose from.


By the way, if you are looking for great hotels in Paris, here is a list of some great spots (my clients benefit from pre-negotiated deals) :

Hotels in Paris 


If you haven’t found your perfect wedding venue in Paris yet, here is a selection of my favourite locations :

Wedding venues in Paris


It is likely, however, that your event will cost you more if you decide to have the main event and side events in Paris.


multiple day wedding in france




Cool locations for your pre-wedding party in Paris


I love chateaux with opulent decor as much as I love cool places with a strong personality. If you feel the same, you might want to check these places out :



These venues are perfect for laid-back pre-wedding parties in Paris.


You might also want to book a private boat for your pre- or after-wedding party. It can either navigate or remain anchored in a beautiful spot. It is a nice and romantic experience, and your guests will surely appreciate having their private boat tour on the Seine.


For those couples who love rooftops, I propose a small selection of secret locations that can be rented for standing cocktail receptions with 20 to 50 guests.

These places are not always adapted for seated dinners but are perfect for a stylish welcome reception that will leave your guests wowed.



multiple day wedding in france




Planning your after-wedding brunch in Paris


When the main event takes place in one of the Parisian locations, the next-day brunch often takes place in the same place. Typically, you wouldn’t invite everyone, rather just the closest friends and family members. Changing locations should be carefully considered, as travelling, even for 15 minutes, is not something you want to do in the morning, after a great party the day before.


If you want to organise a group visit on the following day, you might enjoy visiting Chateau de Vaux le Vicomte or chateau de Versailles. I can also help you to organise day tours to Giverny, Loire Valley or Champagne area for unique cultural and wine tasting experiences.



cocktail pre wedding party france


How much does a wedding weekend in France cost?


It’s obviously difficult to give you an estimate, as there are so many things to be taken into consideration, but I would generally recommend budgeting between 80k€ and 120k€ for a complete 3-day event for 100 guests with accommodation, catering, decor, and services like photography, etc.

More intimate events with 30 guests or around can be organised with a budget of around 40-50k€.



Looking for an English-speaking wedding planner in Paris?


I am here to help! I plan wedding weekends for couples from all over the world, and I will be happy to take the stress out of the planning process! I will help you to select THE VENUE for your celebration and to introduce you to the best wedding vendors in France. A non-exhaustive list of services I provide could be found here.


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