A Wedding at Musée Rodin in Paris

December 22, 2021

Rodin Museum is one of the most prestigious wedding venues in Paris. Hosting a wedding reception here requires meticulous planning and a rather important investment. Musee Rodin wedding is always a perfectly orchestrated event where particular attention is drawn to logistics, security, and timing.

As it is a museum open to the general public, you won’t be able to access the venue before 6.30 pm. This is why many weddings that are hosted in Rodin Museum are organised on Mondays, the only day of the week when the museum is closed to the public.


You don’t plan a wedding in Rodin Museum yourself. You have to hire a very competent wedding or event planner or agency, as the venue doesn’t accept signing rental contracts with private clientele.


Given the nature of the property and the inestimable value of the masterpieces that it showcases, it is understandable why the venue imposes on its clientele having a team of experienced event planners on board. The property also provides surveillance personnel that is present on the day of the event, and whose role is to guarantee adequate social behavior of all participants.

A unique museum wedding venue right in the heart of Paris

Musée Rodin weddings are always luxurious, sophisticated, and complex to orchestrate. Like other museum wedding venues, Musée Rodin insists on the importance of security procedures, to protect the estate, its masterpieces, and historical gardens.

Planning a wedding at Musée Rodin is undoubtedly more complex and time-consuming, compared to other locations, this is why only premium wedding vendors intervene at this unique property.

Be it an intimate wedding or a lavish celebration with several hundreds of guests, Musée Rodin will become a perfect backdrop for a luxury event in Paris.

Depending on your envies, you can choose this museum as a venue for your welcome reception or for your main event celebration.

Rodin Museum is the only wedding venue in Paris that authorises the use of fireworks, so if you dream about an enchanting end of the night, you should look no further!


Intimate wedding at Rodin Museum

If you plan an intimate yet luxurious destination wedding in Paris with less than 50 guests, Rodin Museum can be a great option. Museum wedding is always a chic affair and hosting a celebration in such a special location will please all art and history connoisseurs.

When booking Rodin Museum for your intimate wedding, you will get access to the garden where you can host your ceremony and aperitif. Your dinner can be hosted in the museum itself, or outdoors.

If you wish to have a dancing party, then it is recommended to drop the guest number to around 30-35, so that there is enough space for the dancefloor.


How much does an intimate wedding in Musée Rodin cost?

For smaller groups with up to 50 guests, expect to spend around 20k€ on venue rental and personnel fees. This fee doesn’t include dinner, drinks, florals, furniture, or any other service like photography or video.

It is also important to understand that the Musée Rodin only collaborates with a very limited number of catering companies that sign a rather extensive compliance chart with the venue.

These catering companies will seduce you with their gastronomic menus, sometimes signed by top French chefs so that your wedding at Rodin Museum is a truly sensational experience.



Planning a big wedding in Rodin Museum

If you wish to through a lavish party in Paris with 150+ guests, then Rodin Museum is the place to celebrate! During the summer time, there is an elegant glass structure installed in the garden, that is capable to welcome weddings with up to 400 participants.

The rental and personnel fee will vary depending on the complexity of the installation, but the very minimum is 60k€.

In the end of every event, the court bailiff fills in the inventory of fixtures to guarantee that the property or oeuvres it contains have not been damaged.


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Thank you Zephyr Kok for providing photos.