A Wedding at Chateau de Chantilly

November 12, 2020

Chateau de Chantilly - Royal wedding venue

Chateau de Chantilly is a splendid wedding venue located 40 minutes away from Paris. It is one of the most famous French castles, and celebrating here is a very luxurious experience.

The Chantilly domain consists of a huge park, the castle, the royal stables, and several independent buildings that are dedicated to events. In this post, I will be focusing on Maison de Sylvie and the castle itself, as these two places are best adapted to weddings.

Wedding in the Chateau de Chantilly

To host wedding dinners, several galleries, with dozens of ancient paintings exposed, are used. It creates a very particular, aristocratic ambiance that will correspond perfectly to formal celebrations.

The ideal group size for weddings in the château de Chantilly is 80-100 people approximately.

The chateau is a museum, open to the general public during the daytime. For those couples who wish to celebrate their wedding here, it is important to understand that rental hours are restricted in order to respect the castle’s opening hours.

You can also have your vows exchange ceremony in the place called Ile d’Amour, the love island. It is a pretty little island, located on the Western side of the park, remotely from the chateau.

It will hence be necessary to plan transportation to get your guests from the ceremony to the location of the main event. It could be golf cars or horse carriages, for example.

Both places are stunning, but the mood is different. Whereas l’Ile d’Amour has a romantic and poetic vibe, the chateau garden creates a more sophisticated and regal ambiance.

Ceremonies in the chateau de Chantilly

Vows exchange ceremony, as well as pre-dinner cocktail, can be host outdoors, at the backside of the castle, where you can enjoy the beautiful view on the castle’s facades and the fresh breeze coming from the small lake.

real wedding chateau de chantilly

How much does it cost to get married in Chantilly?

Should you wish to celebrate in the chateau itself, you should budget around 45k€ for rental fees.

If this is above your budget, but you are in love with this beautiful domain, then you should probably consider getting married in the Maison de Sylvie, instead.

Wedding in Maison de Sylvie

Maison de Sylvie is a romantic pavilion with a very elegant French décor, perfect for weddings with around 60-70 guests. It has a small garden in a typical French style for your vows exchange ceremony or pre-dinner cocktail.

The place is located remotely from the château that is open to the general public during the daytime, which gives you privacy and more flexible installation hours.

Your vows exchange ceremony can either be host in the garden of the pavilion or at the Ile d’Amour (extra rental fee applies).

maison de sylvie wedding

How much does it cost to get married in Maison de Sylvie?

Rental fees vary between 5k€ and 10k€ depending on the guest count. It is really an amazing offer given the reputation of the place, and the amazing photos you can make in the park!

The place is wonderful and is still quite unknown, so if you like secret locations and rare gems, you will surely love it!

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