Wedding in Chateau Bouffemont

August 24, 2022

Organising wedding in chateau Bouffemont is a great solution for couples looking to host an intimate, one-night celebration in a pretty setting near Paris.


Château Bouffemont is one of the wedding venues near Paris that you find the most easily when you start doing your venue search. It is a rather small chateau with on-site accommodation for around 10 guests. You are likely to be seduced by elegant façades and impressive stairways leading to a sunlit terrace that is perfectly adapted to elegant cocktails preceding your wedding dinner.


The advantage of organising your wedding in Chateau Bouffemont is that it is located very close to Paris, and it makes logistics pretty easy. Whether you organise a transfer for your guests, or prefer them to take a taxi, they will arrive to the chateau in less than 1 hour. For comparison, the majority of other castles are located  1h30 driving distance away.

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Planning a wedding in Chateau Bouffemont

Chateau Bouffemont wedding is likely to be an intimate affair (50 guests approximately), where priority is given to a quality dining experience, outstanding florals, and great entertainment.


In theory, you can plan a wedding with a longer guest list in Chateau Bouffemont but in that case, your guests will be seated in three different rooms, and there will be no B plan for your ceremony should the weather be nasty.


The dancing party can only be hosted in the ballroom, on the ground level, so in case if you are hosting your dinner in one of the rooms above, you need to think of a smooth transition from one part of the chateau to another. At one of my weddings in Chateau Bouffemont, we have hired cabaret artists that made a small intervention and that escorted people from the dining room to the ballroom.

As there is no air-conditioning in the chateau, it can be pretty hot during both dinner and party.


You can plan a one-day wedding in chateau Bouffemont and decide to organise a transfer back to central Paris at the end of the night, or you can stay overnight with your closest friends and family members and enjoy the day-after brunch. Make sure you anticipate some sort of entertainment for your guests to enjoy their time. Petanque, molkky, great dj, light cocktails and snacks will help you to transform the brunch into a great after-party.


The amazing thing is that at chateau Bouffemont your party can last up to 4 am at night! When the dj and bar are great, the dancefloor is never empty, even that late (early?) at night.

How much does it cost to host a wedding in Chateau Bouffemont

I’d recommend budgeting around 65k€ for an amazing one-night celebration in the chateau. It would include the venue rental (10k€ to 14,5k€ depending on the season and day of the week), high-quality catering, an open bar with champagne and signature cocktails, generous floral decoration, furniture rentals, beauty services, photography, video, great DJ, return transfer from Paris and back, and planning fees.

Things to know when you plan your wedding in Chateau Bouffemont

I have planned many weddings in chateau Bouffemont, and my advice to couples that are interested in this venue is to have a wedding planner or wedding coordinator to make sure your experience at the chateau on the wedding day is as pleasant as on the day when you have first visited it.

Castles are not standard wedding venues like hotels, and there are things that need to be taken into consideration when you plan a wedding there. Many of them are outlined in your contract, but from the experience, couples forget most of its content as soon as the contract is signed.

Wedding planners are there to make sure that your envies and plans comply with the chateau’s policies, and if not, find great alternatives and propose creative solutions.

At chateau Bouffemont you will get a list of recommended vendors that know the property very well, and that work there several times per year. Yet, having someone to direct the team at all times is key to a smooth guest experience and a great party.


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