7 castles in France with on-site accommodation

November 13, 2020

French chateau with accommodation


There are many châteaux in France, but not all of these castles have on-site accommodation for you and your guests to stay over.


Yet, on-site accommodation is one of the main criteria when it comes to selecting a castle for a wedding. It is so reassuring to know that your guests don’t have to look for a taxi at 2 am in the middle of the French countryside.


They have already traveled hundreds (and even thousands) of miles to celebrate with you and providing them with comfortable and easy-to-access accommodation on the day of the wedding seems natural to many couples.


In this article, I would like to share with you the list of my favourite castles in the Parisian area that will be perfect for your wedding!



Chateau de Villette

Among all castles in France that offer on-site accommodation, château de Villette is probably my favourite. This beautiful château has it ALL for a perfect wedding weekend. Located close to Paris, it has a huge park, fountain, lakes, swimming pool, and on-site accommodation consisting of 14 gorgeous suites.


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french castles with accommodation



Chateau de Bouffemont

Chateau de Bouffemont doesn’t need to be advertised, it is so famous already! Many couples love this place for its location (close to Paris), but also for the masculine elegance of its architecture and 9 pretty suites for your immediate family to enjoy.


wedding venue near paris castle near Paris



Chateau Barthelemy

I have a crush on this castle, and when there are big parties in the countryside to organise, château Barthelemy is the first destination that comes to my mind! It has a beautiful park with a lake and forest for outdoor ceremonies and cocktails, as well as a glass structure for reception and parties.

In the château, you will find 5 beautiful suites, but there are dormitories and simple double rooms for up to 100 guests.


castle with accommodation in france
Photo : Tomaz Kos


Chateau de Baronville

Château de Baronville is very popular among French clientele. This castle is very imposing (because of its size), and majestic. A vast park of several hectares surrounds the property and allows gorgeous outdoor ceremonies and receptions. In the castle itself, there is only one room for the bride to get ready, but there are adjacent properties that can welcome up to 70 guests.


chateau de baronville paris france wedding
Georgiana Photo



Chateau de Bourron

Château de Bourron is a family-run castle that operates as a hotel and wedding venue. It has a small reception room, but I would rather recommend organising open-air celebrations in this castle. This castle has accommodation for up to 30 people, split between the castle and two buildings located on the property.


chateau bourron wedding



Chateau Dangu

Another gorgeous family-run castle located near Paris. I love chateau Dangu for its beautiful and spacious ballroom in neutral colours, its isolated location far from villages and neighbors allowing to organise outdoor parties until late at night (or early in the morning).


In the chateau Dangu, you will find 28 rooms, which is rather extraordinary for a castle in France. Comparing to other properties on this list, ALL rooms are located in the chateau, and not in the buildings on their territory.


Another great point about this castle is that there are no mandatory vendors, which gives you complete flexibility when it comes to planning.

castles with accommodation chateau Dangu



Chateau de Vallery

A beautiful domain consisting of several buildings, including the château and medieval tower, château de Vallery is a great place to celebrate. It has a swimming pool, several areas for the dinner and party, as well as 28 rooms for you and your guests.



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