Wedding Venue – Chateau De Baronville

December 16, 2020

Château de Baronville is a stunning wedding venue situated 1h30 driving distance from Paris. It is a very impressive castle erected in the 17th century on the foundation of an even older fortified mansion.


If you are looking for a beautiful castle for a big wedding with 100 or more guests, then you should surely have a closer look at château de Baronville.

wedding in a french chateau

Weddings at Chateau de Baronville


Chateau de Baronville has two beautiful ballrooms that can sit up to 350 people. That being said, should you wish to seat all your guests in one room, you should probably limit your guest count to around 100 people.


Apart from the beautiful ballrooms, château de Baronville also has a stunning marble hall that is connected to two galleries with impressive columns. This particular area is perfect for parties and dinners, as it allows people to see the dance floor, even if they remain seated.

Another reason to have your dinner and party in this particular area of the castle is that it is naturally cool, and the temperature is rather pleasant even on hot summer days.


chateau de baronville inside

Outdoor weddings at Chateau de Baronville


There is a huge park with an impressive fountain at the entrance, and a vast lake on the backside of the castle. Those couples who are looking for space and fresh air will appreciate the calm of the location. Chateau de Baronville is perfect for bucolic yet luxurious receptions.


Contrary to some other locations, there are no villages around the castle, which means you can have loud music outdoors and even fireworks, if you want to.


outdoor wedding chateau de baronville



Chateau de Baronville is perfect for bucolic yet luxurious receptions.


Outdoor ceremonies are one of the reasons why couples love getting married in the summertime. At the château de Baronville, couples usually choose to have a ceremony on the lawn, in front of the chateau. It allows creating a stunning aisle and the bride would walk through the castle’s door, down the steps, and through the garden.  This set-up will also allow you to enjoy the stunning view of the castle’s façade during your ceremony and/or cocktail.



Should you want to enjoy the outdoors and views throughout the whole night, a tent can be installed in the park.


It is exciting to play with the landscape and to exploit all different areas of the castle and park, especially, if you rent the place for several days. If it is the case, then why not having your next-day brunch near the lake, where your guests will enjoy the fresh air and a beautiful view of the castle? I would also add an amazing Dj and a stunning cocktail bar for a great party in the open air.



chateau de baronville at night





The castle provides in-house catering, and a four-course menu price starts from around 75€ per person.




The castle itself provides one suite for the bride and her friends to get ready, but there is no other accommodation available in the chateau. However, several buildings located on site can accommodate up to 70 guests, which is rather impressive for a private chateau.


Free furniture


Yes, château de Baronville includes round tables and elegant Napoleon III chairs in the rental price. A lovely bonus that can help you to save 500€ to 1000€, depending on the guest number.


How much does it cost to get married in chateau de Baronville?


The starting rental price is around 11k€, however, if you want to have rooms, you should add another 3,7k€. Chateau rental for the day-after brunch is billed around 2.5k€. The total is hence around 17k€.


chateau de baronville wedding planner




Want to start planning your wedding in Chateau de Baronville?


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